Summer Solstice 2008
These are a selection of photographs from the Solstice (21st June) Celebrations. All are allowed free access to the Stones for the night and, more importantly, the sunrise.
Every year I put up pictures of the rubbish left behind. This is a sacred spot for so many and this is the equivalent, to them, of partying in Westminster Abbey at Christmas and dropping litter everywhere. TAKE IT HOME
If you have any photos that you would like shown, please contact us, or write a piece and send it to:-


The rubbish problem persists. Why don't they take it with them?

Stonehenge at SolsticeStonehenge at SolsticeStonehenge at Solstice
Stonehenge at SolsticeStonehenge at Solstice Stonehenge at Solstice

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